Professor Kun-peng Gu


Director of Engineering Structural Reinforcement and Restoration Institute in CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. 

Professor in Civil Engineering Materials


Prof. Kunpeng Gu, outstanding young expert in CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd, engaged in concrete research for over ten years.  He is Director of Engineering Structural Reinforcement and Restoration Institute, Postgraduate Tutor of Hehai University Postgraduate Training Base. He is also vice president of the Third Council of Shanghai Construction and transportation youth talents Association.


Prof. Gu 's main research interests include concrete crack control of engineering structure, durability of concrete structure, development and application of new building materials. He involved in more than 10 national key construction projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Yangshan Port, Taihu Tunnel, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and related technical researches. He is the forth 'City Star-- Youth Talent Development Program of Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation' outstanding youth winner.


Keynote Lecture Title

Concrete crack control technology and its application in super-large cast-in-situ tunnel


Presentation Summary

Driven by demand for use and technology progress, construction of large-scale concrete infrastructure is increasing. For super-large concrete structure of cast-in-situ tunnel, concrete cracking caused by temperature stress and concrete shrinkage etc. are very common, which will affect the safety and durability of engineering greatly. And how to effectively control concrete cracks is always one of the worldwide problems that urgently need to be solved to maintain sustainable development of these engineering construction and even construction industry. Therefore, based on the analysis of concrete cracking problems, concrete crack control theory and research status, this report seek and verified technology innovation from engineering practice, explored and discussed the research and application results of concrete crack control technology in major projects.


In the construction of China Century Projectthe Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, its buried section of super-large cast-in-situ tunnel was constructed using step-slope excavation craft. According to theoretical analysis, calculation and experimental research, through moving up the construction joints to upper layer of side wall, controlling the length of casting section, and then pouring the side wall and bottom plate as a whole at one time, concrete cracks in side wall and bottom plate of the tunnel were effectively eliminated. In the construction of ultra-long-and-wide underwater tunnelTaihu Tunnel, its main concrete structure was constructed using vertical support and staged concrete pouring crafts. To avoid concrete cracking, method which using hydration heat of newly poured concrete to heat the old concrete was adopted to achieve the balance of internal temperature field of concrete structure, and new materials for concrete crack control were also in combined use to realize it.



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