Professor Luc Taerwe


Professor Emeritus of Structural Concrete at Ghent University, Belgium; National RPGE Chair Professor at Tongji University, Shanghai, China; Editor-in-Chief of the fib journal Structural Concrete; Member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium.

Luc Taerwe performed research and teaching in the areas of reinforced and prestressed concrete, fire resistance, robustness of structures, tunnel linings, composite reinforcement (FRP), structural reliability, statistical quality control, high performance and fibre reinforced concrete etc.

He has a long-term involvement in various commissions and task groups of fib and he actually serves as Editor-in-Chief of the fib journal Structural Concrete. Moreover he is an honorary Life Member of fib and a fellow of fib and ACI. He is also the director of the China Platform of Ghent University and in 2020 he was the recipient of the Shanghai Science and Technology Cooperation Award.


Keynote Lecture Title

Towards resilient concrete structures in a digitalized world


Presentation Summary

In the last decades, concrete evolved from a basic building material towards a tailor-made multi-component cementitious material. Design software became more powerful than ever and thanks to supercomputers we can analyse complex concrete structures under a broad range of loading situations. The shape can be adapted to an optimized flow of forces which offers additional freedom in conceptual design. A full life cycle analysis results in eco-friendly green buildings. Via BIM, the structural concrete part is integrated in the complete building system in an interactive way. 3D printers, robots and drones appear on the building sites and sensors combined with AI allow an optimized assessment and upgrading of existing structures. A challenging era for the construction industry or too many changes in a short time?



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